D188 (week 26) – 5th Appointement : More TADs, TAD infection and incisor pain

Hello everyone!! This week has been eventful! I had my 5th appointment for my current orthodontic treatment. Since the previous appointement, a lot of things happened! First of all, I had removed the elastics going from my canines to the TADs (about 5 weeks ago? ) because I couldn’t stand the retraction that happened within a week and the fact that I didn’t have anymore space to put my lower jaw. I was scared to tell that to my orthodontist but I decided to be honest with her and she was really nice to me about it and decided to see me for an emergency appointement (as if she wouldn’t!). One week passed between the time I self removed the elastics and I saw my ortho, so my front gaps almost all closed within the span of a week thanks to powerchains… (scary quick…) and the AGGA gaps that were almost closed reopened a bit…

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D161 (Week 23) – 4th Appointement

Hi everyone! I’m writing an update a little bit late, but that is OK because no one really reads this blog. Today is July 17th 2022 and it’s been 23 weeks since I started this braces journey. So I don’t have really good news because I start feeling like I have less and less space in my mouth, migraines, neck pain, probably because of the retraction. My gaps have almost closed (with elastics) and the fact that my upper jaw teeth are still retroinclined makes them touch the brakets when I close my jaw so I am basically unable to rest my jaw and feel trapped in my own mouth more than ever. 😦

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D118 (Week 16) – 3rd Appointment

Hi everyone! It’s been 16 weeks since I started this scary journey of orthodontics! 6 weeks after 2nd appointment (I don’t always write blog posts right after the appointement >_<) and things are going well for now, I don’t have too much pain or troubles at the moment. I still haven’t done xrays or taken pictures, but we will do that on the next appointment. I have decided to structure my blog post a bit differently so it is more organised now.

Treatment goals reminder:
– Align teeth to be able to chew properly (which has been fucked up by AGGA) and stabilize teeth mobility without injuring teeth roots
– Reduce gummy smile with TADs to be able to close my lips and incline my maxillary in a way that the mandibula will move forward to reduce UARS/OSA

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Started a new orthodontic treatment

Hello everyone,

I started a new orthodontic treatment on february 7th. The goal will be to close the gaps and mess created by AGGA and with the help of TADs reduce the gummy smile and change the inclination of my maxilary which will hopefully allow me to close my lips at rest. My case comes with more complications since my maxillary incisors have had short root to begin with which was not noticed by my previous dentist and they have been damaged a lot more by AGGA. So my orthodontist will apply light forces on those teeth and we will space out adjustment visits.

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Back story #1: My first orthodontic treatment

Hi guys, in this post I will tell you about the first orthodontic treatment that I have done from September 2017 to January 2018. This wasn’t a pleasant story but will give you a bit more details about how I got to where I am today.

I didn’t know much about orthodontics and breathing issues back then, so I just went to the first orthodontist that my dentist had recommanded me when I told him I wanted to do a treatment for my gummy smile, lip incompetence, white stains and crowded lower teeth. He also said that teeth whitening should happen AFTER the orthodontic treament.

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The start of my orthodontic journey…

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog where I will be talking about my orthodontic journey.

First of all, I’m going to give you guys a little bit of background. My orthodontic “awareness” started when I was about 28 years old (so back in 2017, I am now about to turn 33 yo), I had never really paid attention to all these little details before but symptoms getting worse and worse I started noticing them.

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